Suze Ijó

Suze Ijó

Suze Ijó 2000 1333 Oddysee

United Identities crew member Suze Ijó delivers a beautifully curated selection of current favourites for our listening pleasure.

Hailing from vibrant harbour city Rotterdam, Suze Ijó is in the business of laying down powerful selections and smooth blends. A craft that the promising young artist fulfills with a deeply authentic vision, we dare say. Aside from her work at the Clone Records shop, Suze has gone from dancer and record collector to much admired DJ and Operator radio host over recent years. Illuminating the Dutch music scene with high-spirited vibes, while maintaining a firm eye on her ancestral roots and most recently joining Carista’s ever-expanding United Identities.

So dig in and enjoy a distinct selection of high-quality music, ranging from infectious rhythms, soulful house and silky grooves, carefully curated by the one-and-only Suze Ijó. Someone you will be hearing a lot more from in years to come.

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Words and curation by Suze Ijó.

Jesse Futerman ft. Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Luckey (Pacific Rhythm)
Jesse Futerman featuring Beverly Glenn-Copeland is the kind of collaboration I never knew I needed. First time I heard this I got chills all over, the way Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s vocals seem to come in out of thin air and how the track slowly evaporates. Yes, more please!

Yosa Peit – Curls (Tax Free Records)
This song by Yosa Peit is beautiful to me, it reminds me slightly of Prince/Arthur Russell – artists that I really admire. Yosa has a haunting voice and creates a dreamy atmosphere.

SPAZA – Uprize! (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
What can I say, the singer has a beautiful voice, very powerful but still sensitive. Beautiful from start to finish.

System Olympia – Freak For U (Huntleys + Palmers)
Freak for U is the kind of modern pop/boogie song I love. It’s heavy on the 808 and the soft vocals take you to a futuristic eighties club.

Meftah – 6 Minutes (Musha Publishing)
I recently discovered Meftah’s (Detroit) debut EP and its been a soundtrack in my home and during work. This track really excites me, it’s a wonky jazzy tune that will instantly make your head bop.

Qemist – Lemme get Paid (self-released)
Qemist’s ‘Lemme Get Paid’ is a wonderful morning/travel track since it energizes me. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the EP!

A Vision Of Panorama – Tiger’s Outro (Mellophonia)
Tiger’s Outro by A Vision Of Panorama has that breezy house feeling I love. It takes you back to those late nights on the dancefloor. The moments dancing with your eyes closed just flowing through the music.

Fényan & Tijo Aimé – Guidance
I’ve recently discovered Fényan’s music. He’s a house dancer and through his dancing videos I found out he’s not only a sick dancer but also a very talented producer. Together with Tijo Aimé he created this lovely deep house track.

Afrikan Sciences – Perkascene (Toothpickles Publishing)
I’ve been an Afrikan Sciences fan since the first time I heard his productions. This one reminds me of why I love his sound so much. The weird drum patterns, the slightly unsettling vibe. Try listening this with headphones and close your eyes and see where it takes you.

Pawel’s Bar – Pawel’s Band (Ok Spirit)
I’m a big lover of dub music. I thought this is a nice dubby organ track by Pawel’s Bar on Ok Spirit.

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