Sunju Hargun

Sunju Hargun

Sunju Hargun 2560 1295 Oddysee

Mind-altering hypnotics and hard-hitting dance floor material curated by Siamese Twins Records honcho Sunju Hargun.

Sunju Hargun has been orbiting on our radar for some time, mainly because of the always on-point curation and output of his Siamese Twins Records. The Bangkok-based record label aims to represent a spectrum of Eastern psychedelia and does so in an endlessly interesting way. Diving deeper into the person behind the label, you’ll find someone that works tirelessly to develop his craft as DJ, producer and curator, while staying true to his unique musical aesthetic. 

Aside from checking out the great selection of music that he curated for us below, Sunju recently put out an absolutely killer mix for astrangelyisolatedplace. We highly recommend you to check it out.

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Words and curation by Sunju Hargun.

Yoshinori Hayashi – Frequency (Smalltown Supersound)
Yoshinori Hayashi is the real deal, Having had the pleasure to play alongside him in Thailand and Vietnam – DJ sets are extremely versatile and as a producer, his humbleness really shines through the creativity of his productions. This album came out earlier in the year and it’s got so many layers of techno, jungle, jazz acid-oriented inspired rhythms to free-floating synthesizers. ‘Frequency’ is my personal favorite because of its unique sound design that feels like you’re being stretched both in time and space.

Tadi ft. DJKR – Seven Diamond Lines (Offen Music)
The universe works in mysterious ways, one being that music has the power to connect people and the other is that things can happen at the most unexpected moments. Rewinding back 15 years ago when I was residing in Shanghai – Tadi was one of the biggest inspirations and perhaps more like a mentor to me, we lost touch after I moved back to Thailand, but reconnected after all those years through a mix that Vladimir shared featuring both our productions right next to each other. We invited Vladimir to play at our Karma Klique warehouse rave in 2019 which will always stick with me. He has shown lots of support and inspiration towards our work with the label and my productions which really pushed things forward and gave me confidence. It created this emotional connection that also brought Tadi back into my life again. Almost like it was meant to be 🙂

Nic Ford – Cyberd (Siamese Twins Records)
A recent signing to our Siamese Twins Records, Kāthā compilation that was released on Cassette. Nic Ford is a dear friend and one of Vietnam’s secret weapons that also produces under the aliases of Maddermodes and Son FM (worth diving into as well). Also known as one of the residents at the excellent Observatory in Ho Chi Minh. ‘Cyberd’ is a deep tribal stomper that can make any reptile of the jungles do a backflip and moonwalk at the same time.

Vector Tracer – Hypertribe (Mirror Zone)
Very hard to pick a favourite from this EP, Trippy psy-tribal works by the mind of Vector trancer and another ace release from Spekki‘s imprint. I’ve been a long time fan of everything he’s been putting out since I heard the release of DJ Ungel’s “Transpirits” – Can’t wait for what comes next.

Invisible Menders – Dārukā (SYO Remix) (Animals On Psychedelics)
I could not imagine anywhere better than a dark room with this record being pushed through a tight system with heavy sub monitors. From the reverse wormhole effects, distorted drums and charming pads, this hypnotic remix was carved by one of my favorite producers in Asia SYO aka S.O.N.S for the amazing Invisible members (aka Jane Fitz and Dom), a pleasure to the ears. Not to mention the mind-bending artwork that comes with it – Carl H keeping the family force strong on this one.

JakoJako – Viridis (Leisure System)
Can’t wait to play this out loud when the opportunity arrives, JakoJako has been on my radar for almost a year now, Stunning releases with a creative approach to her art in making music, always fascinating to watch or read. ‘Viridis’ is a real party starter and it only takes 15 seconds to do so with no time to waste.

Mikkel Rev – UTE007 (UTE.Rec)
Without a shadow of a doubt, my introduction to electronic music started from Trance and UTE’s releases keeps bringing out the inner rave child in me. A label collective of friends from Norway that grew out of hosting forest raves to now creating a platform showcasing producers that bridge the spaces between Ambient, Trance to 150 bpm Goa. Their sub-labels are also fantastic explorations to showcase other sides of their taste – ‘Sinences’ & ‘Translusid’.

Jemapur – Mode Cleaner (Omen Wapta)
Such a wonderful selector and kind person! Very happy to give Woody92 and his new exploration “Omen Wapta” some support here. Highly recommend it for those in need of a brain massage.

Sunju Hargun – フーイズ カサンドラ (禁 JIN)
Let me sneak in one of my own. My most recent release on 禁 JIN (the sister label of Siamese Twins Records) is run by Yoshi Nori. This B-Side called ‘Who is Kassandra’ was really fun to work on and comes with a Kaiju-inspired music video by EX-GOD that shares a visual story of some crazy & wild dreams I had last year.

Hems – Let It Go (Live) (E2-E8)
All tracks in this EP are fantastic, but I’m a real sucker for those long emotional journeys. It’s one of those that you just need to sit back, close your eyes and let it drive you somewhere. E2-E8 is a new London-based record label run by Luca Schiavoni & This is a follow-up to their first release which I really enjoyed very much as well by Miro & Avsluta.

英水帝江 – 受想行识 (Ying Shui Di Jiang)
24 minutes of pure escapism from a Chinese music project aka ‘A Monster in Chinese myths’ formed by band members located in Nanjing, China. It was one of those late-night rare Bandcamp discoveries last year and happy they also ended up joining our latest Kāthā compilation.

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Photo credit: Junesis