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Picture of KI/KI


KI/KI 2560 1563 Oddysee

Pulsating rave tunes, full-throttled club workouts and vibey crowd melters selected by one of the most exciting prospects of the ever-fertile Amsterdam scene,…

Picture of Thrills in + 41

Thrills in +41

Thrills in +41 2560 1594 Oddysee

Dazzling contemporary sounds, bass-heavy steppers and murky techno tunes curated by Utrecht-based up and comer Thrills in +41. Although a relatively fresh name…

Picure of Midland


Midland 2560 1284 Oddysee

A deep and inventive musical exploration from the one and only Graded honcho Midland. A man who needs little introduction, Harry Agius, aka…

Picture of Woody92


Woody92 2560 1433 Oddysee

Weirdo soundscapes, heady mind trippers and the occasional trance tune curated by Dutch trooper Woody92. An prominent figure of the Dutch underground scene,…

Picture of Phuong-Dan


Phuong-Dan 2560 1707 Oddysee

Hamburg-based selector Phuong-Dan is in the hot seat for our latest BMC instalment. Phuong-Dan can be found spreading his time between photography, screenwriting…

Picture of Manfredas


Manfredas 2051 2051 Oddysee

Soothing sounds and entrancing tunes courtesy of Lithuanian native Manfredas. For those who know, know. Manfredas has a serious gift for fusing the…

Picture of Mary Lake

Mary Lake

Mary Lake 2500 1400 Oddysee

Fresh from an exciting debut EP announcement for Nous’Klaer Audio, the wonderful Mary Lake steps into our Buy Music Club series. With a…

Suze Ijo playing records

Suze Ijó

Suze Ijó 2000 1333 Oddysee

United Identities crew member Suze Ijó delivers a beautifully curated selection of current favourites for our listening pleasure. Hailing from vibrant harbour city…


BSS 1200 1200 Oddysee

Amsterdam-based chuggernaut and Hivern Discs affiliate, BSS, takes us on an introspective trip with a beautiful selection of music from past, present and…

Picture of CCL


CCL 2560 1550 Oddysee

High-quality club workouts, lush soundscapes and a substantial dose of rhythm-driven electronics.. CCL offers us a glimpse into some of their current favourites…